Cornerstone Legal Group, LLC

At Cornerstone Legal Group, 2nd Best Is Not an Option. Our experienced attorneys passionately advocate on all our clients’ behalf to ensure they get justice and fair compensation. We have been operating since 2011 and take cases on nationwide. While Cornerstone Legal Group’s flagship office is located in Philadelphia, our attorneys, and partners work around the country. We operate in many cities including Chicago, New York City, Newark, Baltimore, San Antonio, Denver, and Miami assisting our clients. Our primary practice areas include civil rights, real estate development, criminal defense. In criminal defense alone, our firm successfully defended clients charged with gun and weapons offenses, sex crimes, drug and narcotic offenses, DUI/DWI, and Parole and Probation Violations. In criminal and civil courts, both state and federal, our firm won numerous jury trials, appeals, and recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars advocating for our clients rights.

Cornerstone Legal Group nurtures our partnerships with the community. We take on challenging cases  impacting our society in diverse and progressive ways. We handle cases which make a difference not only for the people involved but for our entire community. The potential to create meaningful change through the legal process and obtain justice for clients motivates our attorneys, more than winning awards. We approach each case with tenacity and remain dedicated to serving our clients through difficult legal battles. Supervising Attorney D. Wesley Cornish, Esquire, sits as a member on the Eastern District of Pennsylvania Civil Rights Pro Bono Panel. Since our founding, we dedicated thousands of hours, to handling pro bono cases for indigent persons nationwide.

Hard Work + Personal Customer Service = Reliable Consistent Results

Everyone at Cornerstone Legal Group, prides ourselves on working with each client individually to achieve the best outcomes, in timely manner. We place people and relationships above all else, and strive to ensure fulfillment for each client’s needs. Unlike other law firms we will keep you informed and updated about your case. Contact Us 24/7 and you can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook.