Drug Crimes and Narcotics Offenses

Drug Crimes = Serious Time

Drug crimes and controlled substance offenses present some of the most serious charges a person may face. A drug conviction has many direct and collateral consequences including imprisonment, financial costs, and a loss of civil rights. Drug crimes, without violence can result in sentences up to and including life imprisonment and the death penalty.

Drug crimes also account for a large percentage of arrests and prosecutions. The government often bans students with convictions from receiving financial aid in addition to schools often expelling them. Any property the government claims connects with any drug crimes, becomes subject to seizure and civil forfeiture. Innocent third party property owners can lose their real estate via civil forfeiture without knowing about any drug crimes occurring. People who lived in government housing who committed no drug crimes, also routinely faced eviction proceedings.  Further, drug use, even medical marijuana, leads to a very high number of arrests and parole and probation violations.

Also, drug convictions affect almost all occupational and government issued business licenses. Contractors and subcontractors involved with government contracting and procurement often receive disbarment letters for drug convictions. Almost all occupational licenses require the holder to have no drug convictions. Further most licensing boards require reporting any drug arrests and/or convictions and can sanction someone absent a criminal conviction. Arrests for drug crimes in school zones, with minors, using weapons, possessing fireams, wearing body armor, and having prior convictions, present unique issues. Further, with the rise in opioid overdose deaths, many states began charging dealers with murder and manslaughter. The Phillip Seymour Hoffman case presents a very prominent example of when an opioid overdose death leads to homicide charges.

Experience Fighting Drug Crimes At Trial

The attorneys at Cornerstone have years of experience fighting cases from arrest through appeals in both state and federal courts. We have experience winning both bench/waiver and jury trials for both misdemeanor and felony drug crimes. Our unique and individualized process for creating, designing, and using audio-visuals to strengthen our clients position remains cutting edge. Further, our attorneys worked with many experts and investigators in the field to achieve excellent results for our clients. In addition to defending misdemeanor and felony drug crimes, we have won civil forfeiture cases and protected our clients money. If charged with a drug offense it becomes essential to retain the best, most aggressive, and experienced representation possible. Your property and liberty hang in the balance. The seasoned attorneys at Cornerstone will assist you with defending your case, call us for your free 15 minute consultation.