Expungments & Clean Records

An expungment helps millions of everyday citizens continue to live productive, successful lives after making a mistake. An expungment removes any entries from an individual’s criminal history record. Unless a person gets an expungment, BOTH ARRESTS AND CONVICTIONS REMAIN! This remains vital to remember as anyone, especially potential employers, can view arrests never resulting in a conviction. Further, even when a person qualifies for an expungment, in very few situations, does the government provide automatic record sealing. Instead, the government imposes upon any individual seeking an expungment, to petition the court seeking relief.

A criminal conviction for any charge brings serious and direct life-long implications in addition to collateral or secondary consequences. In addition to direct punishments, criminal convictions often result in limitations on a person’s daily living activities. Although every state differs, common limitations people who completed their sentences face, effect all parts of life including: owning/possessing/transferring firearms, obtaining educational loans, grants, and opportunities, caring for biological/adoptive/foster children, availability for business and occupational licenses, voting, and running for and/or holding public office among a plethora of others. Regarding voting alone, a criminal conviction in certain instances may permanently ban people from ever again casting a ballot. Additionally, persons convicted for specific offenses even receive bans for performing jury duty. A decades old minor conviction makes someone unable to even get low level governmental contracts.

While most arrests which do not result in convictions, or upon a person successfully completing a diversionary programs such as, Probation Without Verdict, Probation Before Judgment (“PBJ”) and Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (“ARD”), or even pursuant to a low level conviction, no one holds an automatic right to receive an expungment. The government maintains the ability to oppose anyone’s petition even if the person complied with all the conditions necessary. Prosecutors may argue someone seeking expungment potentially exhibits dangerous signs to the public, a point courts accept when denying petitions. Further, many new laws passed by numerous state legislatures, including Pennsylvania, made more crimes eligible for expungment.

Do Not Let Yesterday, Kill Today’s Chances – An Expungment Saves Cash

With the competitiveness in today’s job, educational, and housing markets, a criminal conviction, however inconsequential or seemingly irrelevant, may remain the difference between a dream job and unemployment, learning a new skill, and obtaining a better living situation. At Cornerstone we have years of experience helping people erase past mistakes and obtain gainful employment, better housing,  and going back to school for the degrees they always dreamed about. We understand knowing your options regarding the new law changes helps you fight for a better tomorrow. If a prior arrest or conviction currently still holds you back from achieving your dreams, explore your options for relief and a fresh start and Contact Us.