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Cornerstone Legal has years of experience investigating civil, criminal, and family cases. With family cases such as divorce or child custody, a private investigation can help determine if there is any hidden money, if fault based claims exist (infidelity, abuse, neglect, substance addiction, abandonment), or cohabitation while receiving spousal support, and many other circumstances.

For criminal cases a private investigation can help determine the backgrounds of the law enforcement agents, judges, jurors, staff, and attorneys involved in a matter to identify bias, corruption, and/or evidence fabrication, among other types of malfeasance. Cornerstone Legal has experience winning numerous appeals due to police and judicial misconduct and corruption uncovered solely because of a thorough investigation. Cornerstone Legal also has experience recreating accident scenes, criminal scenarios, and applying math and science to determine actual factual occurrences. These investigations take the guess work out of cases.

Finally, in civil cases a thorough private investigation can save thousands, even millions of dollars, and sometimes liability. A thorough private investigation can determine patterns of fraud, backgrounds of key persons, asset searches, hidden money, due diligence determinations, trademark infringement, among many other issues. Private investigations are also helpful with real estate and zoning civil matters because issues related to the environmental status of property, development/repair history, and community development patterns.