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“Mr. Cornish was very helpful when we had a question about a rental property we were considering buying. We contacted him with a question and soon got a very detailed answer that was very useful. He gave us the information we needed to make a decision regarding the property. We found him professional and knowledgeable.”Mike
"Attorney Cornish was extremely helpful and persistent in helping me resolve a will for a deceased family member. He has also acted quickly on the cases of persons I have referred to him. Overall, he is professional, attentive and thorough."A Satisfied Client
"Mr. Cornish is a excellent lawyer and a great man. He went over and beyond to make sure that my family found peace and justice."A Satisfied Client
"I got charged with a DUI and I thought I was going to Jail. I talked to Wesley and he ended up winning my case!"Sam
"Awesome guy he really cares about helping the people in his community and the money really isn't that big of a factor he was willing to take on my case pro bono just to help me out I would recommend this guy 10 out of 10"Johnathon
"Mr. Cornish is a knowledgeable attorney who puts his clients first. He works with you on a personal level and it is clear that he is enthusiastic about what he does. Mr. Cornish explains your options in an comprehensible way and is quick to contact with you so you are always updated on your situation. I highly recommend Mr. Cornish to anyone who has a legal problem."A Satisfied Client
"I contacted Mr. Cornish with a lot of questions about a legal problem I got myself into. I contacted via phone, and Mr. Cornish walked me through everything. Within days we met up to go over everything and what my options are and what my next step would be. Mr. Cornish kept me up to date with everything that was going on, every time I called Mr. Cornish he was ready and happy to help me. If I could not get a hold of Mr Cornish, he would call back within no time at all. I never had a lawyer that was there for me and would do everything in his power to help me."Marty
"I recently contacted Mr. Cornish regarding a criminal case that I had pending. He was very willing to assist me and answer any and all of my questions. He went over all of my options with me in a way that I could understand and was very knowledgeable. He kept me informed on every aspect of my case and made sure I had all the information that would be helpful to me. With Mr. Cornish assisting me I didn't have to serve any time. Mr. Cornish is very professional and I would recommend him to anyone that needed legal assistance."A Satisfied Client