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As a third-generation Philadelphian, it has become my, my family’s and my firm’s personal and professional passion to improve the quality of life in Philadelphia. Cornerstone is a family run legal services and consulting business located in the heart of the Temple University community at 15th and Cecil B. Moore Avenues.

Living here has made me familiar with the problems we face, the daily difficulties, and a genuine understanding for making things better. As a Temple University Law School graduate I have received excellent legal training to deal with everyday problems with compassion. I also worked for a large police department in Philadelphia as a policy analyst whereby I was responsible for writing many different rules and regulations to assist with managing the agency’s daily affairs. Through this extensive experience I was able to see all sides of humanity and it gave me a better understanding that Cornerstone would not be a bureaucracy but yet a welcoming place where you will be listened to and assisted.

I am the attorney who will call you back in 24 hours because I know how important your matter is. I know it is always on your mind and understanding that, I will let you know what is happening. Unlike other law firms there is no such thing as a small case or an unimportant client, I dedicate my service to you because you are the people who believe in my dream about doing things differently and much better. I welcome the opportunity to meet you.


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Commonwealth v. Coney (MJ-32237-CR-0551-2012) – 10/3/12

Client acquitted of misdemeanor stalking, harassment and operating a motor vehicle with a suspended license

Commonwealth v. Bensalem (MC-51-CR-0029703-2012) – 9/28/12

Client recieved probation with the supervision fees waived for simple assault and reckless endangerment

Commonwealth v. Barham (MC-51-CR-0029872-2012) – 9/27/12

Acquitted of simple assault charges

Commonwealth v. Buczynska (MC-51-CR-0030538-2012) – 9/25/12

Simple assault charges dismissed due to a lack of prosecution

Commonwealth v. DeGregorio (MJ-32128-CR-0160-2012) – 9/5/12

Client charged with possession of marijuana and received ARD

Commonwealth v. Mylers (MC-51-CR-0008656-2009) – 8/22/12

Charged with retail theft and conspiracy to commit retail theft and had her charges dismissed

Commonwealth v. Garnett (MC-51-CR-0021364-2012) – 8/3/12

Charged with retail theft and conspiracy to commit retail theft and had her charges dismissed


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